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How should Leather Steering wheel look?

Updated: Dec 19, 2021

Hello again, thank you for visiting the blog.

Today we will talk about why leather steering wheels become shiny over time and how to clean them.

There are several factors, but one of the main ones is the oils and grease from our hands.

You know sometimes we stop for some burgers when we are in a rush, and eat them in the car. Although we think we clean our hands thoroughly, we oftentimes don’t. That residue is then embedded onto our steering wheel, and with the heat it becomes shiny and sometimes sticky (gross).

Another reason this happens could be because of incorrect application of leather conditioners.

It may not be obvious for some of us but applying conditioner to the steering wheel imposes great risk since it will make it slippery. Yes, it is leather, but oftentimes it is not the same type of leather as the one in our seats.

Lather steering wheels should look matte, not shiny, this is to increase grip when driving.

Bellow is an example of a dirty leather steering wheel. Notice the shine.

Now this is the clean side (excuse the wear and tear)

Huge difference right?

So what is a way to clean it? I usually use a brush, a degreaser diluted 10:1 such as Super Clean and a microfiber to wipe it off. Do not apply any conditioner since it will defeat the purpose of cleaning it.

Hope this short blog helps you understand how a leather steering wheel should look.

Rodolfo Cruz

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